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Encyclopedia Pictura is a film and animation studio in Glassell Park, Los Angeles led by directors Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch, and Sean Hellfritsch. We are passionate about gardening, villages, friendship, Russian short stories, ecology, adventure, and kindness.

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At one time or another, the team at the studio has included the incredible talents of Laura Lewis, Ade Macalinao, Murray Nelson, Pavel Mishkin, Jordan Speer, Jesse Balmer, Eran Hilleli, Aaron Meyers, Meara O'Reilly, Elias Glasch, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Jason Rayner, Mike Tucker, Carly Senora, Frederik Storm, Kyle Baeta-Orick, Rey Chang, Ben Reicher, Stephanie Kardjian, Daniel Moos, Cosmo Ray, Kael Barton, Viv Nikolich, and Tyler Hurd.