We’ve spent the last two years helping to create a unique hillside neighborhood in Aptos CA called Trout Gulch.

With a population of 18, we’ve built a patchwork of tiny houses, tree houses, thatch huts, bath houses, tool shops, outdoor kitchens, domes, swings, fruit tree orchards, goat paddocks, vegetable gardens, slides, and terraces. The neighborhood is soon to be home of Trout Gulch Farm, an organic CSA on 3 acres. We value DIY skills, long term thinking, experiential education, and friendship.



Our Inspiration:

Sepp Holzer for Land Management -Krameterhof

Will Allen for Agriculture Growing Power

Christopher Alexander for Village Design A Pattern Language

Lloyd Kahn for Architecture Shelter Publications

Our Network:

A Curious Summer

Adventure Playground



Founder Collective


Hyphae Design Lab


Make Magazine

New York Stereoscopic Society

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Open Source Ecology

Other Lab

Planting Justice


The Seedling Project

Star Creek Ranch