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The Farming Systems Trial (1981-2011)

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Comparison of organic and industrial agriculture Metafilter reports that The Rodale Institute has just published the results of a 30-year study that claims that - in terms of yields, economic viability, energy usage, and human health - organic farming is better than conventional farming.

With results like these, why does conventional wisdom favour chemical farming? "Vested interests. Organic farming keeps more money on the farm and in rural communities and out of the pockets of chemical companies. As the major funders of research centres and universities, and major advertisers in the farm media, they effectively buy a pro-chemical bias."

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The Agricultural Building and Equipment Plan List

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Greenhouse "The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a collection of over 300 building and equipment plans, and all are now available in electronic format for download. The plans are primarily intended for use in Tennessee, but many are appropriate for other locations as well.

The plans came from many sources. Some were developed in The University of Tennessee Extension Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department, but most were developed in a cooperative effort with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Farm Building Plan Exchange. The Plan Exchange no longer exists, but the plans remain on file and are available." Via The Survivalist Blog.

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Micro-Livestock: Little Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Microcattle Mathew Lippincott sends in this link to a 1991 book on micro-livestock, including currently domesticated and potential future domestication candidates among large mammals, rodents, insects, birds, and lizards: "Micro-livestock: little known small animals with a promising economic future".

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