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This blog post analyzes the texts posted to Tumbler by We are the 99% / Occupy Wall Street protesters. It finds that the concerns voiced by the protesters are consistent with pre-modern demands by peasants living in feudal conditions. The blogger doesn’t use the word “feudal” but he does reach the conclusion that people today have been put in positions more similar to peasantry than to the historic American working class or any other contemporary senses of social strata.

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Design Fiction: the Philips Microbial Home

*Aw man lookah that. That is just super.

“The Microbial Home is viewed as a cyclical biological machine where wastes like sewage, effluent, garbage, wastewater are filtered, processed and recycled to be used as inputs for the various home functions. The project includes various aspects like a Bio Digester Island and Larder in the kitchen, Urban Beehive, Bio-light, Apothecary, Filtering Squatting Toilet and Paternoster Plastic Waste Up-cycler.”


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Web Semantics: Zuckerverbs


“As Web developers jump on the Open Graph bandwagon to create new social apps, Facebook is saying good-bye to the old days when people simply “liked” things, moving to a much wider verb-space to promote different activities. You’ll now be able to announce to the world that you are “watching” (a television show), “listening” (to music), “eating” (a meal), and so forth. And as the verbs shift from present tense to past, all of these activities can then be stitched together with your status updates and photos to create a reverse-chronological autobiography of sorts in your Timeline. The Timeline, Zuckerberg submits, is nothing less than The Story of Your Life.

“On seeing the f8 presentation, Alexis Madrigal had immediate qualms about the verb-driven self-narrative that feeds into the Timeline: it’s “technically complex but grammatically simple,” “multimedia, but not rich,” “autobiography without aesthetic effort,” “a story without words.” All activities in the Open Graph are funneled into the bare-bones syntax of “X (user) Y (verb of action) Z (object of action).” Stitching together these simple declarative statements into an autobiographical timeline creates a pale simulacrum of personal story-telling, no matter how much Facebook presents it as a way to “tell your story.”

“This is what happens when language is optimized for social data-mining rather than natural communication. “Mark read a book.” “Mark listened to a song.” “Mark hiked a trail.” “Mark reviewed a movie.” The sentences flashed on the big screen behind Zuckerberg as he laid out his verb-y vision. Though these sentences are technically in the active voice, they present us with an oddly cramped kind of “activeness,” in which we the users engage with a world of commodified objects through verbs of consumption.

“And to see one’s “life story” reduced to a series of such prefab activities in a personal timeline? …”

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seeding the future – tomorrow!

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This was awesome.

The Greenhorns and Internet Archive Present: Seeding the Future – A Town Hall meeting for Small-Scale Agriculture

Tuesday, October 18th • 6:30pm
300 Funston St. San Francisco+++Fall Harvest Potluck+++
Meet and mingle with farmers green and seasoned. Bring your thinking cap and favorite dish.

+++Screening of “The Greenhorns”+++

+++Panel and Roundtable Discussion+++
Debate and collaborate on 2012 Farm Bill action strategies, decentralized food production, and new strategies for urban farming. Panelists: Severine Von Tscharner Fleming, Director, The Greenhorns. Rick Prelinger, Founder,

Prelinger Archives. Ned Conwell, Farmer, Pescadero, CA. Ed Garrett, Found of Fresh Spin Farms, Davis, CA.
MUSIC: Ed Masuga and Friends
Thanks to our generous sponsors —>
Thirsty Bear Brewing Co. (
Four Barrel Coffee (
Poster Design: Andrew Nimmo (


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The Most Immersive Video Game to Date.

Video courtesy of The Gadget Show.

What do you get when you mix Battlefield 3 with an omni-directional treadmill, full dome projection screen, motion tracking, wireless gun controller, 12 paintball markers, and surround sound? YOU GET THE MOST IMMERSIVE VIDEO GAME TO DATE!!!!

Some of the top technology experts in Europe got a hold of a pre-release copy of Battlefield 3 to make this beast of a system. The simulator drops you in the actual battle zone where every bullet fired by the enemy might actually make contact. This adds a hell of a lot more anxiety before you decide to rush that bunker!

If you are in the UK, make sure to catch them on The Gadget Show, Channel 5 at 8pm on October 24th. I truly hope that this is a feat of engineering and not one of good marketing, I look forward to seeing it in action live.


U.S. data consumption in one day. UCSD/ Fast Company

U.S. data consumption in one day. UCSD/ Fast Company

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera // Jonas Pfeil

farm jobs

put your wool thinking cap on and make it HAPPEN:




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Roadkill his sole diet

"English taxidermist Jonathan McGowan has made roadkill his sole diet for the past 30 years. At the age of 14, he tried a dead adder and while it didn’t taste very good, it made him curious to try other roadkill finds.
The taxidermist lists fox, venison and deer among his favourite meats – but he has eaten everything the countryside has to offer over the years.
With thousands of animals being found dead at the roadside every year, Mr McGowan has varied if – on the face of it – slightly unedifying pickings.
He has eaten mice, moles, hedeghogs, squirrels, rats, foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits, deer, stoats, weasels, polecats, otters, wildcats, pheasants, finches, thrushes, ducks, geese, pigeons, owls, crows, gulls, blackbirds and cormorants.
He says many animals taste much better than people would expect."
Thanks to Kevin Kelly

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Farmstead Meatsmith have been busy. See here.

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